The work doesn’t stop as we follow him for a day of training and practice.

Kevin Magnussen is a young Danish Formula One driver, with a promising future ahead of him after just coming off a 10th place position as part of the F1 team at the Singapore Grand Prix last month. Despite living what most people would consider a dream, he admits it’s hard work — you have to stay strong-headed, very physically fit, and often times find yourself spending long stretches of time away from friends and family. In the above video, he takes us through a typical day of training and practice followed by a ride in the new Infiniti Q30, a crossover with a premium active compact with the elevated stance of a crossover and a coupe-like profile.

Director: Phoebe Cheng biiip
Producer: Miko Lam
Director of Photography: Phoebe Cheng biiip / Herbert Chow
Editor: Phoebe Cheng biiip
Gaffer: Eric Ng
Driver: Sherman Mak