Born in Taipei, Taiwan but raised in North Vancouver, Canada, Godfrey Gao has had the privilege of being exposed to different cultures and translating them into his style, as well as personality. An interest in hip-hop, coupled with his father’s aesthetic inclinations developed Gao’s sense of style and he’s never looked back since. 

Now, the model/actor has moved onto working on his latest project with his friends in the form of a fashion label dubbed Flagship Lifestyle, and aside from his stints as a model and DJ, he finds time to enjoy his other passions in life, such as basketball. We took the opportunity to follow Gao around Taiwan courtesy of Infiniti‘s new Q30 model, where the hatchback’s distinctive dimensions incorporate turbulent character lines and sculptural shapes that stretch over the bone and muscle of the car, giving an effect of harmonious design.

Director: Phoebe Cheng biiip
Producer: Miko Lam
Director of Photography: Phoebe Cheng biiip / Herbert Chow
Editor: Phoebe Cheng biiip
Gaffer: Eric Ng
Driver: Sherman Mak