Luke Choice is an Australian-born digital artist who is now based in New York. Some may recognize his brightly colored brushstroke typography in his work for Nike, Ray-Ban and adidas. As a creative who’s constantly looking for inspiration and ways to stay ahead of the curve, Choice is a huge advocate of travelling. In the above video, he takes us on a journey through a day of gallery hopping, tattooing, and hiking. Taking him from place to place is the Infiniti Q30, a sophisticated crossover with a coupe-like profile and ahead-of-the-curve safety features. Check out the full adventure through Sydney in the video clip above.

Director: Phoebe Cheng biiip
Producer: Miko Lam
Director of Photography: Phoebe Cheng biiip / Herbert Chow
Editor: Phoebe Cheng biiip
Gaffer: Eric Ng
Driver: Sherman Mak