For those familiar with the “rose walls” of the UNDERCOVER Hong Kong store in the past, the space’s recently-revamped interiors might come as something of a surprise. But while the new aesthetic is based on principles of minimalism, designer Jun Takahashi’s ideals still exist and the concept of “mass and accumulation of an object” remains unchanged. Step into the world of Takahashi’s latest creation and you’ll notice the sea of light bulbs hanging over you - 20,000 of them to be exact. This was an idea that was first introduced at the Aoyama store, and followed by the brand’s other locations. Another focal point is the large classical painting by Joachim Patinir, a piece of art that was chosen for its reflection of Takahashi’s sensibilities, and its exploration of the struggle between good and evil, and heaven and earth -- the design language of UNDERCOVER.
For our latest episode of ObscuraVision, we spoke to Jun Takahashi for a discussion on the overall concept and key elements of the newly-renovated chapter, as well as the thoughts and inspirations that influence his unique body of work.